This Atlas project marks the third time that New York birders have come together and volunteered thousands of hours to document our state’s breeding birds. Why do they do it? They do it because it's fun and because Atlas data have proven to be one of our most important tools for bird conservation. Atlas data have been used to redesign development projects, relocate solar and wind farms, shape endangered species lists, and track climate change.

At a time when many bird populations are in decline, Atlas data provide vital information on life history and bird distributions that allow decision makers to manage land in a way that benefits both birds and people.

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Why We Need Your Support

NY BBA III is a multi-year endeavor involving five years of field surveys followed by data analysis and production of a final product that could take another three years. While volunteer birders are the heart and soul of the Atlas, we will need nearly two million dollars over the next eight years to address all the project goals. In 2020 the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation provided about $150,000 to jump-start the project. These funds ran out in March of 2023, but thanks to an increase in Pittman-Robertson monies, DEC was able provide additional support for many atlas related projects through 2027.

Unfortunately, the spending guidelines for federal funds do not allow payment for some important atlas activities. For example, spending for outreach, advertising, and volunteer appreciation gatherings, is not allowed. Moreover, the $200,000 committed to produce our final atlas products must be used for disseminating “new information.”  If we want to include photos, species accounts, or historical comparisons, these components will have to be paid for with private funds. We need your donations to complete the Atlas and to share the results with others in format that will inform conservation and protect New York’s birds for years to come.

We accept donations through the New York State Ornithological Association (NYSOA), a 501(c)(3) and Atlas partner organization. Donations are tax-deductible and appear on your statement as a donation to NYSOA but will be earmarked for the Atlas.

How Your Donations Will Be Used

Your donation will be used to support the following essential activities.

  • Hiring field technicians (blockbusting)
  • Final product development (website development, writing, editing, publication)
  • Workshops, volunteer appreciation gatherings, and block parties (venue costs, food, speakers)
  • Outreach and advertising (stickers, banner, travel, incentives, and awards)

Other Ways to Donate

There are three ways to donate to the Atlas.

  • Sponsor a species.
  • Make a one-time gift using the box on the right.
  • Shop at our online store. The Atlas receives a 5% royalty on every purchase of Atlas gear from our online shop on Zazzle. Buy an Atlas-themed tee shirt, mug, tote bag, or hat and show your support for the Atlas and the birds of New York State.