Sponsor a species and leave your name on ornithological history!

We need your help to complete the Breeding Bird Atlas so we can inform conservation and protect New York’s birds for years to come.

Through our Sponsor-A-Species campaign, you can choose one or more bird species to sponsor for one to five years. The cost is as low as $100 per year. If you choose to sponsor a species, your name, or the name of someone you choose to honor, will be associated with that species in the final Atlas product.

Best of all, you'll know that your dollars go a long way towards supporting bird conservation in New York State!

How It Works

  1. Select a species
  2. Sponsor it for 1-5 years
  3. Get your name on the species account in the final product
  4. Go in depth on fully sponsored species on the Sponsored Species page
  5. Bask in the satisfaction of knowing that your money supports bird conservation in NY


Tier 5 Species - $100

Photo Credits: Bay-breasted Warbler, Black-capped Chickadee, Black-crowned Night-heron, Ruby-throated Hummingbird - Ian Davies, Macauley Library; Pileated Woodpecker - Daniel Miller