If you ever watch birds in New York, you can be a part of the Breeding Bird Atlas!

Everyone is encouraged to participate from 2020-2024. Beginner and advanced birders alike can enhance their birding experience by observing bird behaviors. You can be involved as little or as much as you want. Whenever you go birding—be it in your backyard, at your summer camp, or in your favorite park—every sighting counts! See the latest sightings

Follow These 3 Easy Steps

1. Follow the ‘Block’ System

The entire state is split up into roughly 3 mile x 3 mile squares. These are Atlas blocks, and all of your Atlas lists need to include birds from only a single block.

2. Learn the Codes for Bird Breeding Behaviors

If you watch birds, you already notice bird behavior. With the Atlas, you match what you encounter to specific codes (e.g., a singing bird = S; a bird building a nest = NB). Use these codes whenever you see a behavior.

3. Use the New York Breeding Bird Atlas Portal

To have your sightings count for the Atlas, you need to use this specific portal in eBird. You should use the Atlas portal for all checklists in NY from now through 2024 when you are following block boundaries and actively keeping an eye out for bird breeding behavior.

Ready to take the next step?

Learn more about the Atlas Essentials